QUEST 16 | Israel: A Diaspora of Memories.

È online il sedicesimo numero di “Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History”, intitolato Israel: A Diaspora of Memories e curato da Michèle Baussant, Dario Miccoli, Esther Schely-Newman.

La sezione focus, oltre all’introduzione dei curatori, ospita i seguenti contributi:

From Shelilat ha-Galut to Shelilat ha-Geulah in Narratives of Moroccan and Ethiopian Origin
by Emanuela Trevisan Semi

From a Returning Jewish Diaspora to Returns to Diaspora Spaces: Israeli-Ethiopians Today
by Lisa Anteby-Yemini

“Who gave you the right to abandon your prophets?” Jewish Sites of Ruins and Memory in Egypt
by Michèle Baussant

Poetics of Identity: Mizrahi Poets between Here and There, Then and Now
by Esther Schely-Newman

The Nakba in Israeli History Textbooks: Between Memory and History
by Avner Ben-Amos

Beyond and Despite the State: Young Religious Settlers’ Visions of Messianic Redemption
by Perle Nicolle-Hasid

Employing Women Immigrants from France in Israeli French-Speaking Companies: Honey Trap or Safety Net?
by Shirly Bar-Lev, Karin Amit

La sezione discussion è dedicata al volume di Dana E. Katz “The Jewish Ghetto and the Visual Imagination of Early Modern Venice” con un articolo di Cristiana Facchini e Nicholas Terpstra.