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Mostra sulla Shoah in Italia

I Nomi della Shoah Italiana

Ebrei stranieri internati in Italia (1940-1943). Indice generale

Catalogo della Biblioteca / Library Catalogue

Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History

Osservatorio antisemitismo

The Library

The Library
The library of the Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea Foundation specialises in works on the story, literature, thought and artistic production of Jews from Italy as well as the rest of the world. Attention is focused on Italy and on the anti-Jewish and Nazi persecutions.
The library's collection began in 1955. Most of the works we hold were composed after 1920.
The library's collection currently includes 25,000 publications written in Italian, French, English, Hebrew, Yiddish and so on, with an annual increase of around 1000 new volumes.
The newspaper library includes 2150 periodicals, both Jewish and non-Jewish, in various languages, edited from 1850 onwards. Of these papers about 145 are in circulation.
The library also holds other collections, such as thesis papers and dissertations concerning Jewish topics.
Amongst the library's special collections are those of the Nineteenth-Century Jewish periodicals; the studies and memoirs of the anti-Jewish persecution in Italy; a base of 300 books written in Yiddish - published, for the most part, shortly after the second World War.

Consultation of texts within the library is free, with the presentation of a valid identification document.
Consultation of the information catalogues.
Photocopying is available (within the legal restrictions; thesis papers and dissertations are excluded).
You may borrow books provided they have been edited after 1982, are still available commercially, and are in good condition. A security deposit is required.

Inter-library lending is available.
Advice and guidance is available here at the library, with an appointment.

Link for online consultation:
Library catalogue 
Themed classification scheme of publications and newspaper articles (in italian)
Bulletins are published online every six months of the library's latest acquisitions (available in the catalogues and bulletins of the Polo Regions Lombardo SBN). (in italian)

Other tools of consultation:
List of periodocals
Printed catalogue and database of the main articles on jewish topics
Database of historical Jewish publicity

Nanette Hayon
Alessandra Borgese
Marina Marmiroli
Tel. (+39) 02316338

Access regulations for the CDEC foundation's library (July 2010):

Access to the library is free, provided a valid identification document is presented, and the use of books and magazines within the library is free of charge.

In able to borrow books or use the internet for specific research it is necessary to have a library card, which is available with the presentation of a valid identification document and after the enrolment form has been completed.

To consult the volumes and periodicals, we ask you to complete a request form and present it at the desk. (The texts must be returned every time you wish to leave the library).

According to copyright laws you may partially reproduce works published after 1950 and in a good state of conservation. Thesis papers and dissertations are excluded).

Borrowing books:
Books can be borrowed for up to one month. You may withdraw two books at a time, excluding volumes edited before 1983, damaged texts, those from special collections and periodicals. In order to borrow books you must leave a security deposit of €10 which will be returned to you once the books have been brought back. Any change of address must be communicated to the library staff. The CDEC library reserves the right to ask for texts to be returned early. In the case of a book being returned late, the user will be banned from future borrowing. Borrowing is strictly personal and the user will be held responsible for any damage or loss.

Inter-library lending:
Only available for users who do not reside in Lombardy, please consult your local library.

We ask that you observe the laws regarding copyright and data protection. For legal motives you must register your surname, information and the duration of your internet use in a specially provided list. The user is responsible for any infringement.

In the reading room it is expressly forbidden to smoke, eat, drink, or use a mobile phone. We ask you to respect the library's silence.




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